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Our Working Culture.

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Our Dedicated Programmer's.

We have 20+ dedicated and well educated employee's.

What do we do?

Binapani is a user experience (UX) design firm with a twist. With our groundbreaking User Experience Mapping (UEM) research process, we uncover the workflow, mental models, frequency and priority of tasks, common frustrations and desires of users. Then, using modern development tools, we craft psychology-based websites mixing and merging the right brain and left brain fundamentals of web design and development. It’s no wonder that sites thus created are award winning and deliver engaging user experiences. 
In simple terms it all that means that the secret sauce behind our wildly popular websites is blending technological expertise and design flair with (guess what!) Behavioral Science!

Global Expertise

The partners in Binapani have built projects for some of the best known brands on the planet. The unique thing we bring to the table is the analysis of customer behaviour and interactions that is cut across cultures, economies and geographies. We apply this user behaviour analysis to suit every project and help you design and then execute a professional, effective web presence.

Technological Expertise

And for those of you who love the tech jargon, we have deep experience with DOT NET DEVELOPMENT - ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, Component Architecture, XML, WCF, Silverlight, DATABASE- Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access,  Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) as well as a wide variety of PHP-based libraries and tools. 

The ability to match up business requirements with practical open source technologies is at the heart of what we do.PHP is the flavor of the day and allows our programmers to take advantage of open source code, saving time and money for clients like you.